Covid-19 services

Please note: We are giving priority to our current contracted customers, however, we understand the demand for services throughout the community and are building response teams as quickly as possible.

JaniTech understands the concern regarding COVID-19 infections and increasing the cleanliness of your facility is one of the best ways to prevent transmission. Further, we are also prepared to assist should you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 present in your facility.


The good news is that the EPA has indicted coronaviruses are among the easiest to kill. However, the CDC has advised that disinfection alone may not be enough with COVID-19 and is recommending a two-step process of cleaning followed by disinfection.  


We have prepared protocols and are using chemicals, based on EPA and CDC recommendations, for cleaning and disinfecting your facility preventively or after a confirmed case. In either situation, we will use a two-step disinfecting process with EPA products registered and recommended for coronavirus.

Level I Disinfecting: This service level is a two-step cleaning and disinfection process designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This service can be performed during or after business hours. Many buildings are choosing to add this function during the daytime so cleaning is more visible to occupants.


Level II Disinfection: This service level is for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a facility or for anyone wanting the highest level of disinfection. This service level is a two-step cleaning and disinfection process plus a pre- and post- Electrostatic Disinfection process. This is a method of disinfecting that applies an electric charge to the disinfecting solution which is then sprayed onto surfaces. The process quickly and evenly coats surfaces and wraps around objects ensuring the most comprehensive application of the disinfectant.

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