Our comprehensive carpet care program extends carpet life and minimizes the need for frequent deep extraction soaking of the carpet which can add excess moisture in buildings.


Our program includes a dry interim encapsulation process that applies an environmentally friendly solution designed to encapsulate dirt and remove it with ordinary vacuuming. This process has proven very effective at improving appearance and extending carpet life.


Our strip and refinish process uses equipment designed to remove finish primarily with water and scrubbing pads. This helps us minimize the use of toxic stripping chemicals and helps preserve the longevity of your floors.

Stain Removal

Every winter the battle with salt begins! It gets tracked in from outside and if not taken care of, can scratch the finish off of floors and eat away at metal door frames. Our team has special training and products to remove salt without damaging your floors.

Rug Cleaning

Wherever appropriate, we service floors with a micro-fiber flat mopping system. Microfibers attract dust and are very absorbent. A mop bucket is not required; therefore, fewer chemicals are used.

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